Sumner County Food BankSumner County Food Bank


Mission Statement

Sumner County Food Bank's mission is to provide food for families experiencing difficult times due to emergencies caused by circumstances. It is our purpose to provide a bridge which folks might cross to help them regain their self sufficiency. We offer a "hand up and not a hand out".

In times like these, thousands of good hard working families find themselves victims of the economy, out of work, out of food, and will soon be out of hope. Sumner County Food Bank and it's volunteers are determined to offer these families just a glimmer of hope in providing them food for hot meals and a friendly handshake or hug. Who knows, you or I may be the next one to need someone to extend a hand to us. While we can, let's do our part in serving our neighbors.

So many have returned after receiving assistance from Sumner County Food Bank to make donations and work as volunteers when times improved in their lives.

First and formost, our mission is to show God's love in providing food for one's family and then sharing God's love through His word. Leading the lost to their great salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ will always be the primary focus of this agency.

Matthew 25:40 When you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me!